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    Welcome to the unusual world of Ayurvedic Medicine.

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    You are entreated to leave your worries, stresses and thoughts at the door and concentrate totally on your complete well-being.

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    AYURVEDIC medicine give you a long healthy life style....

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    Ayurvedic treatments make deeper connection in between your body and the mind.

Ayurvedic Treatments

  • Ayurveda Neck &
    Shoulder Massage

  • Ayurveda
    Body Massage

  • Ayurveda
    Facial Treatment

  • Ayurveda
    Foot Massage


Since time immemorial, man has been engaged in the pursuit of achieving and maintaining an optimum state of health. Way back in 600 BC, Ayurveda emerged in South Asia as the natural way of healing. Today, Ayurveda has evolved into a scientific system of holistic healing that has gained recognition across the globe.



Ayurveda means "the science of life". Ayurveda represents a system of healing that has been perfected over more than five thousands years. It is South Asia's ancient health care system based on herbs and diet. Ayurveda sees health and disease in holistic terms. It links the microcosm of the individual with the cosmos. It takes into account the relationship between energy and matter. This system of healing believes in treatment of not just the part affected by disease but the individual as a whole. It emphasizes on the harmony of mind, spirit and body to cure diseases. Moreover, the stress is on prevention rather than cure.


Upto 70% of The Daily Deals
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    An insight into Ayurveda

    ayurveda_packages_01_sri_lankaA special introductory Ayurveda package for those who are with restricted time schedules.
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    Our Yoga

    ayurveda_packages_01_sri_lankaBe part of the special yoga packages we conduct with a yoga guru especially brought down from the Himalayas in India.
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    ayurveda_packages_03_sri_lankaAyubowan’ literally means ‘Live Longer’. This is our concept with Body & Mind healing.
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    Relaxing Holiday Packages

    ayurveda_packages_04_sri_lankaA light treatment package with only 2 treatments a day, without medicine and without food restrictions.